Legal Notice, Website Ownership, Privacy and Data Protection Policy, Information about Cookies, Version 1.0


1.- Legal notice, ownership and purpose of this website

The access to contents, product range and the use of the services at the online shopping site (hereinafter “this website”) are subject to this document which, alongside the General Sale and Purchase Conditions, constitute a contract between the holder or website owner and the user. However, this website will request the user for express confirmation that he/she has read and accepted the aforesaid documents prior to creating a customer account or purchase completion. Should the user not agree with this document, he is requested to give up the user account creation or the purchase process.

All products and services offered on this website are exclusively addressed to persons over the age of 18. Accordingly, any person providing his/her personal data declares to be over the aforesaid age. The use of this website and the submission of personal data is therefore prohibited to minors or persons banned or legally excluded from the reception or use of these services under the law of their country of residence or that from which he/she accesses these services.

In compliance with section 10 of the Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Services in the Information Society and E-commerce, the data provided hereunder correspond to the identification of, as supplier of the services contracted by the user:

Registered office: C/ Orihuela, 2 –bajo, 03203 Elche (Alicante), Spain

Telephone: +34 630 125458


Tax number/ Intl. Tax number: 33482982L / ES33482982L

Business hours: Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 16:30 Hrs.

All invoices issued from this website by the activity thereof will have the above as issuing party. The purpose and activity of this website is the commercialisation of the gastronomic products listed in it among customers and companies (acting as end users) under a B2C retailing model, as well as residents in Spain and part of the EU countries.

2.- Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

The type of personal data gathered or generated from the use of this website and how these are used exchanged and protected is specified hereunder.  Likewise, the options available to the user as to the management of these data and the ways to contact this website are also explained.

The data in this website will be processed confidentially so as to meet the quality standards and security measures set by the following regulations:
- 15/1999 Spanish Data Protection Organic Law (LOPD) dated 13th December, while current until May 2018.
- Directive 95/46/CE (Data Protection General Regulation).

All personal data provided to this website shall be registered in a file, owned by this website owner, which will be duly declared and registered by the owner of this website in the Spanish Agency of Data Protection in order to perform the services offered and advertise by any means –e-mail included– special offers and services relative to this website activity, improve business relations and manage the users’ requests.

By the time the user provides his/her personal data to this website, by creating a customer account or completing a purchasing order, he/she will be requested through a check box for express confirmation to include these personal data on the website file and its subsequent treatment.

The user guarantees that all the personal information supplied to this website is true and undertakes to communicate any modification or update in order this information will correspond strictly to his/her actual situation. Failure to keep his/her data updated on the user’s part shall exempt this website from any liability for costs or damages caused by wrong and/or outdated information in a sale or delivery.

Personal data.

In order to guarantee the right functioning of this website and ease the access to user to the products included in the catalogue, he/she must submit some personal data. For example, when he/she creates a customer account, makes a purchase, participates in events or contests, interacts with this website or expresses his/her wish to receive information. These personal data may include:

- Contact information including name, e-mail, phone number or address.
Access information and user account, including user’s name, password or unique user ID.
Additional personal data such as sex and date of birth.
Payment or credit card data.
Personal preferences, including marketing and cookies.
Social networking information, including access credentials and public information about this website or his/her communications with it.

How the user’s personal data are processed:
To enable this website’s functions.

Whenever the user accesses this website, his/her data are used to offer him/her the product or service selected. For example, if he/she makes a purchase or takes part in an event or promotion, his/her contact information will be used for communications related to that purchase, event or promotion.

In order to use some of this website’s functions, the user may have to provide additional information and submit a new consent for his/her data to be handled in a specific and determined way.

To provide information about products, services and events and other promotional purposes.

In order to provide the user with custom information about products and services of his/her interest, this website can use both information provided by the user when creating his user’s account and from other sources such as his/her activity on the website, purchases and participation in events thereof.

To supply, improve and maintain the activity, products and services.

The information provided by the user can be used for this website own activity, as for example using information of a purchase for accountancy, audit or other internal functions. Likewise, product or service use data can be used to improve the user’s experience and help diagnose technical problems, improve the service or manage this website.

To protect the rights, goods or security of the user or a third party.

Usage data can be used to prevent or detect fraud, abuse, illegal use and infringement of the terms of use, as well as to abide by court resolutions, administrative subpoenas or comply with the law in force.

For general research and analysis.

Usage data are used to better understand how customers behave, search and find their products and therefore upgrade the product presentation and display.
Should the user’s data be used for any other purposes, he/she shall be contacted and asked for his/her consent where appropriate.

TRANSFER of data from this website.

This website shares the user’s personal information with:

- Outsourced service suppliers who manage data on behalf of this website such as agents of credit cards and payments, shipments and deliveries, data management, e-mailing, research and analysis, product promotions and management of specific services and functions.

- Third parties needed to: (i) comply with administrative subpoenas, court resolutions or the applicable law; (ii) avoid illegal use of this website or infringement of the conditions and terms of use; (iii) as a defense from third-party claims; and (iv) to help prevent and investigate fraud (as for example forgery).

Personal data could also be transferred in the event of total or partial sale or transfer of the company or its assets (reorganisation, dissolution or liquidation of the company).


- Encoding and security: in order to protect the user’s personal data, different technical and organisational security steps are made, including encryption and authentication. This website is hosted in an SSL-certified server that permits safe Internet browsing so personal data are safely stored and available for consultation only to a very limited number of authorised people.

- Preservation of user’s data: Users’ personal data will be kept as long as it is necessary for the purposes stated unless otherwise required by law.

- User’s rights over his personal data: The user can access his/her personal data, available in his/her user account, and amend any incorrect or illicit datum. He/She can also revoke his/her consent to its use, modify his/her subscriptions or stop receiving communications from this website using the following methods:

- Amending the configuration of his/her user account according to his/her preferences.
- Informing about his/her preferences by mail addressed to C/ Orihuela, 2-bajo, 03203 Elche (Alicante), SPAIN.
- Sending an email with his/her preferences to
The user can also fully cancel his/her user account, be it of his/her own free will or to prevent hacking in case of loss or theft of related data. For that purpose, he/she has to send a letter by mail addressed to C/ Orihuela, 2-bajo, 03203 Elche (Alicante), SPAIN, or send an email to admin@gastronomy4u.comdetailing his/her instructions and attaching a copy his/her ID card or electronic signature using an advanced recognized certificate, in compliance with section 25.1 of the LOPD 15/1999. The cancellation of the user account will be undertaken according to the following cases:

- The user has created a user account but no commercial transactions have been completed at the time of cancellation: The account and all personal data will be removed completely.
- The user has created a user account and there are commercial transactions completed at the time of cancellation: The account is blocked but the personal data will be preserved due to administration and accounting records during its legal term of storage.

Once the security checks are made, this website will proceed to fully cancel or block the user’s account on his/her demand and give him/her notice.

3. Information about COOKIES and pixel tags.

In compliance with section 22.2 of the Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Services in the Information Society and E-commerce, the user is informed that cookies may be used while browsing this website. This website records information through your web browser including personal data. Different methods, like cookies or pixel tags, are used to collect this information. The information collected can include your IP address; a unique cookie ID, data from the cookies and information about whether the used device runs the software needed to access certain functions; the device’s unique identifier and type of device; the domain, web browser and language used; the operating system and its configuration; the country and time zone; the website he/she has previously visited; information about his/her interaction with the website such as click behaviour, purchases, explicit preferences, log-in hours, referral URL…

In addition, third parties could also gather information from this website through cookies, plug-ins and widgets. Third parties obtain this data from the web browser and their treatment is ruled by their own privacy policy.

This website shall use cookies and pixel tags for purposes such as:

-tracking users to know their preferences, which facilitates service rendering and improves their online experience.
-Basic functioning of the website (reminders of visits, shopping basket, state of the payment) and using the user’s preferences to enhance browsing. Refusing them could result in inaccurate recommendations or slow browsing.
-Obtaining information about the website’s traffic and user interaction with it, detecting trends and preparing statistics for analysis.
-Enabling access to social networks and sharing contents from the website.

According to the regulations mentioned above, even though the user can choose to set his/her browser to alert him/her about cookies placement or forbid it, he/she must give his consent for cookies to be placed.  This will happen automatically if the user accepts this legal notice and privacy and cookies policy.

If a user opts out of cookie tracking, access to this website will not be denied but many functions could be unavailable or some services could malfunction.

USE of this website with third-party products and services.

If the user decides to connect his/her account on this website to a third account or device, his/her rights over his personal data will be governed by their own policies. This website declines all responsibility for their content, use or privacy policies as these websites or applications do not belong to and are therefore beyond its control.

VARIATION of privacy policy.

Applicable laws and activity practice are subject to change through time. Should this document be modified, any changes would be published on this website and would lead to a new version of this document. It is strongly recommended to print or read this document and check it periodically for changes. The user acknowledges that his/her use of this website since the date of this document last modification shall entail acceptance of the newly updated Terms and Conditions. This policy was last modified in February 2017 and the current version is 1.0.

QUESTIONS and feedback.

Questions, feedback and enquiries over this document and activity practices are welcome at



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