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"…but nothing is more perfect than the smell of harmony."

This quote has been taken from a song and belongs to a completely different context than the one we are dealing with, but it is ideal to express that perfection and harmony do have smell, the scent of gastronomy, the pleasure we get by tasting and breaking down all the aromatic and gustative nuances of a quality product prepared with love, dedication and, above all, knowledge and innovation.

This pleasure, moreover, is not reserved for small fortunate minorities, but affordable for a large majority of people, fans, enthusiasts or lovers of fine eating, which are conquered by their senses to evoke the most genuine and ancestral aromas and flavours of our natural environment and to feel themselves in balance with it.

After this brief introduction, is an online store based in Elche (Alicante, Spain) and arises from a personal project of a gastronomy lover who left behind more than 20 years of professional career carried out in the world of business in the areas of customer management, exports, production, quality standards management, among others, and moves his activity towards the distribution in Spain and Europe of selected gastronomic products, made with care and affection (far from conventional standards) that provide us with a "Plus" of quality, flavour, authenticity, tradition and innovation that, alongside with a careful design and presentation, lead us to enjoy great gastronomic experiences.

This distribution activity will always be carried out with our own stock from our warehouse, which will favour the agility in the service to the customer thanks to the immediate availability of the products that integrate each order, grouping them all together in the same package and shipment.

Gastronomy4u's working philosophy is based on the seriousness and responsibility addressed to our customers, suppliers, collaborators and natural environment. These premises are present in all working procedures included in our activity, from the internal management until the customer opens one of our boxes and begins his gastronomic experience. Working in this way and being faithful to our convictions and corporate image will always help us to improve in every way and to keep our customers loyal.

The great star in Gastronomy4u is Gastronomy and we consider the PRODUCT as a main value, which can be consumed directly or can be used when unleashing our creativity at the preparation of our meals, from the simplest ones (such as tasting a premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a little slice of freshly baked bread, taking some 100% acorn and 100% iberian ham accompanied by a glass of good wine, or eating a good piece of gourmet chocolate), to the most elaborate recipes that our imagination can make up. Any of these experiences can provide us with great gastronomic satisfaction.

The products included in the catalogue of are structured in 3 differentiated blocks and grouped into Categories to the left of our Logo on the Home page:

- PRODUCTS divided by groups or subcategories according to their nature.

- PACKS designed according to gastronomic experiences.

- WE SUGGEST U: Suggestions of preparation or presentation proposed, either by the store itself or by the users, which simply try to provide other users with ideas for the consumption of the products in the catalogue.

The content of these categories will be in continuous development. Far from didactic purposes, we will always try to provide the consumer with some products or ideas for consumption that always attempt to bring something new, in the form of experience, knowledge or in both concepts.

In Gastronomy4u, Spanish gastronomy is considered as our greatest standard bearer and one of the most identifiable features of our Country and our culture, but we cannot turn our backs on other quality products from other countries that will also contribute to our discovery of something new or authentic, expanding our gastronomic knowledge, imagination and, consequently, increase our satisfaction.We start our activity as distributors in Spain of Tab Green Line, SRL, an Italian producer of an extensive range of artisan products, mainly obtained from raw materials from Piedmont, a region of northern Italy with great gastronomic relevance, and branded GRAN CUCINA. In addition, there will soon be introduced in our catalogue French products such as wines, farm products derived from duck, jams, and so on in order to offer our customers the widest possible variety of gastronomic options.

In Gastronomy4u we will always appreciate the comments and suggestions of our users that will always help us to improve. In addition we will also appreciate the contact of any producers who would like to distribute their products through our website if they fall within our line of work.

We are always at your disposal. Good buy!!! And best experience!!!.



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