Benefits of Extra Virgin olive oil, EVOO

Benefits of Extra Virgin olive oil, EVOO

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

One of the most remarkable benefits of Extra Virgin olive oil is the reduction of acidity during digestion, helps to the pancreas doing its work, improves intestinal absorption, improves blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, decreases triglycerides level and increases "good" cholesterol level in the blood. The benefits are multiple!.

The elaboration system, the early maturity of the olives harvested and the press temperature preserve the high levels of polyphenols present in olive oil, which are not present in other oils and multiply all its properties.

In addition, extra virgin olive oil plays an important role in the diet of children and elder people, as it contains elements very similar to the fats found in breast milk and also contributes to improve metabolism and growth, since it contains high content in E vitamin.


Antioxidant properties

Due to its high content of polyphenols, extra virgin olive oil helps to reduce the oxidative stress of cells, which prevents premature ageing and many diseases. It reduces the chances of suffering cardiovascular problems by 70%, decreases the chances of breast cancer and prevents brain deterioration. In addition, it lowers blood glucose, which is very important in people that suffer from diabetes.


Favours nutrients absorption

The food we are eating every day contains many nutrients and vitamins, but our body is not always able to absorb all of them by its own as in the case, for example, of fresh vegetables. If we prepare a salad, the best would be dressing it with some olive oil. Many dieting people believe that if they add oil to their salads, they will gain more weight. It is true that the intake of calories is greater when we dress a salad with olive oil, but it is also true that if we do not, we will lose many of the nutrients provided by vegetables, as well as the rest of the olive oil benefits.


Cinco Hermanas EVOO


The extra virgin olive oil has also been related with hair growth. We include a post by Hair loss revolution with a comprehensive study about the relationship between hair growth and olive oil, and how it can favor this process. We think it is quite interesting, not just by the content, also for the technical and understandable way of developing it.

We can be proud of this Spanish gastronomy leading product, tasty, healthy, natural and respectful with the environment that helps us to create a better world for us and for the generations to come.

Now that you know everything about this gourmet product, essential in our dishes, as well as its good benefits for your health, would you take a look to our wide catalogue of olive oils? We only distribute extra virgin olive oil or organic extra virgin oil. You will find the highest quality brands like Haza la Centenosa, Olei, Cortijo de Suerte Alta, Pla dels Cortals, 10 Live Oil, Oleum Priorat, Olis Solé or Cinco Hermanas.

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