Customer experience: a journey through medieval France with the best gourmet products

Customer experience: a journey through medieval France with the best gourmet products

Something that we all in Gastronomy4u are passionate about, it is to know that our gourmet products are really enjoyed by those who taste them. Now summer is over and we are receiving reviews and stories about the experiences lived by our customers, in this case travellers who decided to include our first quality gourmet products in their vacation trips to live their well-deserved rest with new landscapes, gastronomy and unforgettable experiences.

Some days ago, we received a mail from a much appreciated customer from La Nucía (Alicante), a lover of gastronomy and gourmet products. He told us about his experience with the products purchased on our website for the trip he made to France. After reading it, we thought it would be a great idea if he extended a bit his story and shared it with everyone through our blog, so we just asked him, and here is the result. Thank you so much!


Summer’s gone, but we will always keep in our minds all the great experiences we have lived in that season, specially our summer trip which we’d like to share with the community of Gastronomy4u. Once again we chose France as our destination, in this case, the Department of Aveyron in the region of Occitanie, which we highly recommend. Medieval villages considered as some of the most beautiful ones in France (Conques, Belcastel, Cordes-sur-Ciel...), castles, archaeological sites, Templar monasteries in the south near Millau and its spectacular viaduct... Not to mention its charming and varied landscapes determined many times by the rivers that cross this region: Aveyron (that gives name to the department), Lot, Tarn and Dordou, mainly. We also visited other interesting villages nearby such as Saint Circ Lapopie or Saint Antonin Noble Val, the latter was a perfect location for the shooting of A hundred foot journey, a beautiful film with a unique super star:  gastronomy.

Something we love about French culture is picnic lunch. No matter the area of ​​the Country you are in, there will surely be plenty of facilities. Whatever place of interest (castle, cave, park ...) has a picnic area. Otherwise, you can place your table and chairs near a river or lake. Great food in beautiful places, what else?

Normally we buy our food to local producers in town markets, boulangerie (bakeries) and boucherie (butchers) of the nearby villages. This summer we have improved our experiences thanks to the gourmet website

Gourmet products in our suitcase

Before setting off, we placed an order in this website which would make our daily picnics easier and tastier. Also it would complement our breakfasts or dinners at home, we booked a lovely house on the top of a hill.

Early in the morning, we would go to the village bakery to buy bread for the day and some bakery products for breakfast, mainly brioches and croissants. We ate them with the Lorusso jams, bitter orange and raspberry. A perfect combination!

For our picnics, we took olives paté, the two varieties offered by Mas Tarrés, black olives and arbequina. They are delicious smeared in baguette slices newly bought!. In the case of black olives paté, we added a splash of EVOO and a bit of sweet Spanish paprika Las Colmenillas La Vera P.O.D., we mixed it all and the result was sublime! 

Of course, it was essential not to forget extra virgin olive oil for our salads, toasts... We brought 3 bottles of 250 ml. so that they were not a load on each journey and we chose Haza la Centenosa Premium Early HarvestOlei and Cortijo Suerte Alta, Coupage. Of course, they make a difference to everything they touch.

We also took the very good Italian gourmet products by Gran Cucina. You open the jars and they are ready to consume, which is very practical if you eat outside (or inside, of course). In addition, we knew for sure they are made with natural products and do not include added ingredients. We chose the following to spread on bread: cream of artichoke and tunaTuscany crouton and bruschetta golosa, a spicy variety of classic bruschetta. In addition, we took dried tomatoes in olive oilRobiole de Alba cheese for salads and peppers stuffed with cheese and capers. One suggestion: we added some dried tomatoes cut into little pieces to a tabulé that we prepared for a picnic. They provided a very special touch.

Which food is the one that every Spaniard misses when travelling abroad? I think most of us would say Iberian ham. Whenever we go abroad we always try to bring some vacuum packs of hand carved iberian ham because they are great value for lunch or dinner. This time we brought a few BEHER packs, black, red and green labelled. Despite being well preserved in the pack, we put them in a small fridge that we had in the car as they are not recommended to be stored at a higher temperature than 18° C.

The department of Aveyron is also known for its wines. We stayed near Marcillac, where there are routes to know wineries and vineyards, which have the peculiarity of being grown on terraces. Of course, we tried the local wines, but also took some of our favourite wines from our gourmet products order: Vendimia Seleccionada by Pago de Cirsus, unaged Arroyo and aged Arroyo by Bodegas ArroyoLes Sorts Vinyes Velles by Celler Masroig and white Uva Nocturna (UN) by Bodegas Ejeanas. Exquisite all of them!.

In conclusion, we really enjoyed our trip to this area of ​​France, less touristy than others but it offered us everything we need when planning our vacations. When we asked our six-year-old daughter what she liked most about this trip, she answered without hesitation: "picnics by the river". We have promised her that we will not lose this French custom. We hope our experience inspires many others. Bye!

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